Thursday, February 18, 2010

butterflies and springtime

Even though I know it is still officially winter...the spring blossoms on the trees in my back yard are starting to peek out and the freesias have lots of buds on I am beginning to feel just the start of spring fever!

I've been gathering lots of butterfly themed things for the seems like they are popping up everywhere this year!

this butterfly gift tag set is
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I love that spring is full of new things every year...
it's a chance to start fresh.
I love that I get focused
on the simple things in life...
like gardening and walks
and being in the sunshine.

I have been so blessed lately to see
my son blossoming and growing
and really enjoying school again.
Praise God!

My husband is getting itchy to get out into the yard
and to work on the garden
and, yes, all his car projects!
He's working on fixin up an old '48 chevy truck.

what do you
love and enjoy


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