Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

I hope you have a safe and super fun halloween!

all set for trick-or-treaters...

halloween in california


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pumpkin babies

I have such good memories of halloween, both from my childhood and from spending it with my son.  This year is, I think, going to be a little hard because my son is now living on his own.  Even though I have a blast spending the holidays with hubby ( or any day, just hanging out!), I do miss having the kids around! I LOVE seeing all the trick-or-treaters when they come to the door.  so sweet.

i love this picture of my little guy when he was 2; he had so much fun that day!

One of our halloween traditions that my husband started with the kids was that they could get any pumpkin that they were able to carry out of the patch.  A few time he had to encourage my son to try his hardest to carry the pumpkin he wanted...

my stepson is looking on in the background, remembering when he was younger and trying so hard to carry a big pumpkin!

My husband's favorite halloween picture of me...this guy's gloved hands were making me really uncomfortable!

My niece, Mia, and my son, Michael, were born just a month apart and they spent lots of time together growing up.  This was one halloween when they went trick-or-treating together.  Mia was a princess (she was in love with all things disney) and Michael was one of the 7 dwarfs (he called his costume a "hi-ho", not a dwarf).

aren't they sweet!?!

Here are those gorgeous kids, all grown up now...

love them! they are both in their first year of college now.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Carefree is what we claim we wanna be
Free to live the life that we have found
Shame on you and shame on me
It's living when we're laying our lives down
People hear me when I say
No one knows the hour or day
Be prepared to live your way
When everything could change
Cherish every moment of your life
Don't let the days of good and bad just pass you by
And cherish every moment you're together
Cause you will never know
When your days are gone

(from a song by dana glover)

This past week my mom had a health scare (all is okay now) and my hubby was sick...just so thankful for my family and husband...and their health.  This song made me think this week about all there is to be thankful for and sometimes we take so much for granted when we get caught up in all we need to accomplish in a day.

I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband.

my, love, love him

so, my craft booth is doing well!  Lots of Halloween goodies have been selling!

this morning I delivered some more harvest birds for my craft booth...

and some halloween hanging plaques...

This beautiful seam binding ribbon is now available in my etsy shop.

also available are these bird tags...

last weekend I dyed these tags with coffee, almond, and cloves...they smell amazing!!

I've dyed some more smaller tags with the same scent...I'll be adding them to my etsy store soon.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

harvest time

i love
time of year!

just added these fun halloween and harvest birds to my shop and craft booth...

i love the cream colored one...he can stay up all through Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October

I had so much fun today just creating.  After I got up I made a nice cup of tea and sat down at the sewing machine with a big roll of black crepe paper.  Oh my goodness, I LOVE the way it came out...all bunched up and crinkled.  I trimmed the edges with pinking shears.

I LOVE these black and white images I captured with my camera today...just so crisp and clean and vintage looking.  I love black and white decorations for Halloween, with just a touch of that burnt orange.

Later I made these little cat hanging decorations...

and some sweet little halloween pots with my handmade crepe paper, of course...

I'm so ready for fall and so happy October is here!  It was a beautiful, crisp california day.  The wind has blown the air until it is crystal clear.  So much to be thankful for.

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