Saturday, June 19, 2010

sweet little house

Now that my husband and I are empty nesters, we've been thinking about downsizing. We've got a traditional ranch house and it seems like we never even use half the rooms.  With the economy slow and an ever present longing for a simpler life, we've decided to put our home on the market. Kind of a bittersweet thing...there is a sentimental attachment I feel to our house because it has been our home for 9 years and we have good memories of time spent there with our kids and with friends. And little touches that my husband did just for me...beautiful wood trim work around doorways, an arbor outside my office window where a passion flower vine weaves and climbs, rock retaining walls that meander through our backyard, and trees planted that have now grown to provide a nice shade in the warmer months...all of these things I will miss.  But we both feel that the time has come and that we have found our "forever home".

We found a sweet little house in an area of San Jose known as Willow Glen -- the kind of neighborhood with tree lined streets and older houses and a downtown village. The little house, built in 1924, is perfect for us. Our plan to move depends on selling our current home, so I am now in a frenzy trying to get projects finished and boxes packed.  We are eliminating an abundance of furniture and belongsings we don't need and it feels very freeing.

I am praying that our plan will work out...still so much to be done to make this move complete.  A life changing decision that I hope will bring peace and happiness and, finally, a feeling of being settled in the place where we belong.

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