Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ooo, la, la

now, doesn't this just look like the cutest little shop?
a friend of a friend posted this photo on facebook
and it caught my eye.
it is somewhere in franklin, tennesee





l - o - v - e

to visit there!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

love {is in the air}

heartfelt wishes

all of this valentine goodness
is available


spoiled & loved

Every night I light a candle in our bedroom to serve as a "night light". I love to wake up in the night and see light flickering around the room.  This morning I was up early to start on some chores and I forgot to blow out the candle when I got up.  A little bit later I went back into my room to get dressed for the day and my "original" dog {I call her that because she was the first}, shelby, had climbed back into bed after a quick trip outside. There she was, relaxing in my spot, next to the candle...just cooling out, enjoying the aromatherapy, and cleaning her little paws
{which,by the way, weren't any too dirty as
I had just given her a sudsy bath

Little miss tiffany was in there too.      

   She spent some time sunbathing this afternoon.

So cute. And spoiled and loved. Just the way it should be!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

circle of friends

One of the lessons of life for me is the importance, the necessity really, of friendship in my own little world. Life and work and expectations can beat you up; it is so comforting to find myself in the familiar rhythm of conversation and fellowship with those who know me well, with those who love me just as I am. When I get caught up in day to day living and breathing {and sometimes holding my breath}, I have a tendency to pull away and isolate. That seams to be my survival mode, I don't know why. And just then I am blessed when the lesson of friendship comes around again, reminding me to breath in & out and take in the beautiful fragrance of true friendship.

sharon, christine, mary, me, heidi

Just the other day I met four friends for lunch. We all know each other from our teaching careers; at one time we all taught at the same school. Through the years we have been there for each other through career changes, lay-offs, financial troubles, divorces, re-marriage, moves, our kids' adventures {such as getting married and starting or finishing college, or just growing up in general}, and changes good and bad, planned or unexpected.

And as we sat there enjoying fabulous food, laughter, memories, and wonderful conversation, I was reminded once again of the amazing bond we share.
Friendship comes around again.
Such fun.
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