Wednesday, December 8, 2010

that's what I like about you...

Here is what I love about etsy: you meet the nicest people. I've said it before, I love etsy because of the wonderful artists who offer such amazing products and the fact that these products are unique and are not mass produced. But I also love it because it is such a friendly place.  I have been selling lots of my Country Christmas NOeL Banners this season

and someone from Kansas saw them and contacted me to see if she could get one custom-made -- in orange ink and with the saying "We Still Do".  Now I didn't want to pry and ask what it was for, but in my mind I'm imagining an anniversary...anywho, I had a fun time making it for her and chatting back & forth about the details so I could make it just the way she wanted. I visited her blog and found out she is an amazing photographer too...the kind that takes those types of family portraits that make it look like each family featured is amazing and beautiful and fun as they
are standing out in a wheatfield in front of a rustic barn
or something. 

 I mailed her banner off today and thought, "isn't it nice that, even though we've never met in person, we touched each other's lives for just a moment in a lovely little way?"


Monday, December 6, 2010

Sometimes when I watch the birds around this time of year I wonder if they feel the excitment of the holidays in the air...

these nests I've created are how I imagine those sweet birds would decorate their nests as they scurry around during this wintery, festive month.

joyeux noel to all!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Goodies

This past week I've been busy working on lots of Christmas goodies for Bleu Bird Nest.

There are some new banners:
 one that reminds me of Sugar Plum Fairy goodness with all these beautiful colors...

and this sweet country Noel banner made from sewn vintage ledger pages.

I've also added new bird tags...
 this one is from an old vintage Christmas postcard I have...

and this one from an old French postcard.

And I made some lovely little birdie gift card pouches made from felt and vintage trims...
I had so much fun sewing these. The trims are all vintage and look so nice with the cream colored felt. I've had these trims for about a year and this seemed like the perfect project for them. Most of the trim is from Angela Harris, of Your Angil, who makes the most gorgeous trim tags.

Also added were some tags that feature darling little French girls getting ready for Christmas...
* * *

These tag packs include hand-dyed crinkly seam binding ribbon and a vintage ledger sheet tucked inside.  I love these
softer shades for Christmas.

What I'm loving right now about creating
is that I've had the luxury of some long quiet
afternoons in our new cottage, with my little dogs
by my side.
We are getting a new heater installed {tomorrow}
and haven't had any heat all fall
{except a space heater & roaring fires};
I've been bundled up in cozy sweaters
sipping lots of warm tea and creamy coffee
while the dogs lay by the little space heater
or spend an extra hour or two in bed!

{little 4 pound Sugar Bella all warm and snug in bed}

And I love that Etsy is full
of so many wonderful artists and shoppers
with an appreciation for hand made
goodness rather than the mass-produced
objects that seem to fill the stores
these days.
Loving also so many kind
comments from customers who
are so encouraging!

Hope you are enjoying these days
of preparing for the holidays
& that you find quiet time
to savor the goodness of the season.


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