Thursday, August 12, 2010

sweet memories

I have been busy getting things packed up for our move to the new (old) house.  This morning I was checking to be sure all the drawers were empty in my son's old desk because we are selling it. It's a bit banged up from all the use he's given it over the years, but still in pretty good shape.  When I opened the top drawer, I found this little hand carved message...he must have put it there quite a few years ago. I never knew it was there until this morning. It made me catch my breath, so sweet, so sentimental. Since I knew the desk was going, I snapped a quick photo of it.  What a sweet boy.

Here's a peek at the backyard over at the new place...

...and the entry way

lots to be done...but I'm looking forward
to making lots of new, sweet memories there.
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