Thursday, February 18, 2010

butterflies and springtime

Even though I know it is still officially winter...the spring blossoms on the trees in my back yard are starting to peek out and the freesias have lots of buds on I am beginning to feel just the start of spring fever!

I've been gathering lots of butterfly themed things for the seems like they are popping up everywhere this year!

this butterfly gift tag set is
available at

I love that spring is full of new things every year...
it's a chance to start fresh.
I love that I get focused
on the simple things in life...
like gardening and walks
and being in the sunshine.

I have been so blessed lately to see
my son blossoming and growing
and really enjoying school again.
Praise God!

My husband is getting itchy to get out into the yard
and to work on the garden
and, yes, all his car projects!
He's working on fixin up an old '48 chevy truck.

what do you
love and enjoy


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new tags

I have been wanting to make some simple, smaller coffee dyed tags.  I love the way these look and smell laying out on the kitchen counter when they dry.  I also love the way they look all stacked up.  Just simple and beautiful.

These are all available at Bleu Bird Nest.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

valentine craft

This was a fun little project on a rainy afternoon.

small frame
diamond glaze
stamps & ink
vintage paper

I picked up these inexpensive red frames at the craft store.  I distressed them with a little white paint and coated them in diamond glaze for a glossy finish.

I cut out vintage paper to fit the frame (I copied the image onto heavier cardstock so the ink would not bleed through); then stamped the bird image onto the paper.

I slipped the image into the frame; then stamped "love" and  "adore" on blank tickets; then, punched and tied the tickets to the frames with red seam binding ribbon.

Voila! Easy and fun.

the yellow pot

Do you have a favorite item in your kitchen?

I have this wonderful yellow pot.
I don't know what I did before I had it.

I ordered it from QVC a few years back.
I don't even know the manufacturer.
But it was "made in France".

I use it all the time.
It is perfect for browning something
and then popping it into the oven.

Everything comes out delicious
and super tender.
The best comfort food.

Every time I use it, I always say,
"I don't know what I did before I had this yellow pot"
and my husband just smiles.

The other night he was making
pork chops in the yellow pot
(he is an awesome cook)
and when he took them out of the oven
he said,
"I don't know what we did before you got this yellow pot."
And I just smiled.

I love that it is used over and over
to make
meals for my family.

Tonight I am making one of my mom's recipes that I remember from my
childhood in the yellow pot:
It's nothing fancy...but it's super simple,
and really good!

"Easy Beef Burgandy"
2 1/2 to 3 pounds stew beef cut in cubes
1 package dry onion soup mix
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can cream of celery soup
1 cup red wine (burgandy)

(I don't do mushrooms, so I am using 2 cans of the cream of celery soup.)

Put all ingredients into a heavy casserole pot; stir to mix; cover;
bake at 325 for 3 hours.
Serve over noodles.

What do you love to cook with in your kitchen?

More Love

I've been thinking about
l - o - v - e
this month.

And the fact that I am blessed with
an abundance of love
in my life.

Sometimes I think I have not had my eyes open
to all the love that
surrounds me.
I take things for granted.
I take things "too personally".
I feel sorry for myself.

This year I want to be open
to all the love
that I can
in my life
take the time
seek it.

I am so blessed by the love of
my husband.
He is my number one supporter.
He takes such good care of me.
He is the

I am so blessed by the love of
good friends.
I love that I have girlfriends who I can just be myself around.
They don't judge me; they just listen.
Even though we get busy, when we fall in together again,
we pick up just like we'd never been apart.

I am so blessed by
the love of my son.
Last year was a hard one.
My husband and I watched as he
sort of self destructed
into someone we did not
It was his last year of high school
and he got caught up in all the wrong things.
He crashed his car, lost his license, did not
care about school.
And it seemed he did not care about us.
I had let myself get into such a destructive
and disfunctional relationship with him, because I did not
know how to set the boundaries.
It caused so much turmoil in our family, between my husband and me,
between my husband and my son. 
My husband was trying so hard to break this destructiveness and it drove us all much farther apart.  Eventually we had to ask my son to leave, and he went to live with my parents for awhile.
He came back briefly to finish up his school year, but then in June moved out to his own place. I did not think that things would ever be the same again between my husband and my son.

My heart was so crushed because I had always been so close with him. For awhile, before I met my husband, it was just me and my little man.  I missed his hugs, his smile, his happiness. But God taught me to let go and become patient.
And that you just have to keep on loving and hoping and praying over them.

Today he is doing so much better...totally excited about college.  I see him or talk to him every day and I feel like our relationship is better than it's ever been. We can talk about everything again. Last week we were talking and he told me that he doesn't want that awful year to define his life or who he is. 
At Christmastime my husband said he wanted him to come home and it was the best.  They are slowly healing their relationship again.  And I see that love in my husband's eyes for my son.  The other day my son was talking about my husband and he said to me, "Mom, I have been so blessed to have him in my life."

So at a time when I thought love might not even be enough to save
this little family,
 it did.

Just look out around us
People fightin' their wars
They think they'll be happy
When they've settled their scores
Let's lay down our weapons
That hold us apart
Be still for just a minute
Try to open our hearts

More love, I can hear our hearts cryin'
More love, I know that's all we need
More love, to flow in between us

To take us and hold us and lift us above
If there's ever an answer
more  love.

(dixie chicks)

How has love made an impact on your life???
What can you learn, accomplish, experience
by being open to
seeing and seeking the
that surrounds you?


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Already??

Wow, I can't believe it's already February!!  I have been so busy since the year started.  My husband and I decided our 2010 would be based on "health and happiness"...healthy home, healthy relationships, healthy diet & bodies, healthy finances, happiness shared together and with family and friends.  On the home front, wow, I've been in nesting mode, wanting to get everything scubbed and cleaned.  We have started walking every night together, which is so nice.

I kind of put off doing a lot for Bleu Bird Nest, not because I didn't want to...just felt like I needed to spend some time focusing on home, family and relationships, and our machining business (boring tax and accounting stuff!) But, I've been coming up with all kinds of things for the new year and I'm really excited.

I've been adding to my booth at Cranberry Hill Mercantile. Here's some sweet little Valentine items that I stocked today.

This banner is also available at my esty shop.

Until next post...xoxo
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