Thursday, March 4, 2010

spring is in the air

has been such a beautiful day...
lots of sunshine and
blue skies.
I am really looking forward to
this spring.
Our backyard is a work in progress...
we get a little done each spring/summer,
but it seems like there is never enough time
to get it all together!
This year I am determined to get out early
and get started so that
maybe this will be the year
it actually gets finished!

Do you keep a garden journal?

I don't have an official journal,
but I have tons of magazine pages
that I've cut out and
I keep them in a
neat little box labeled
It keeps me inspired to keep
creating beauty in my own backyard
every season.

Thinking about gardening this week,
I was inspired to put together this
little garden kit
full of vintage designs...
perfect to put in a garden journal,
or scrapbook.

Garden Set No. 3
is available


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