Saturday, October 17, 2009


Carefree is what we claim we wanna be
Free to live the life that we have found
Shame on you and shame on me
It's living when we're laying our lives down
People hear me when I say
No one knows the hour or day
Be prepared to live your way
When everything could change
Cherish every moment of your life
Don't let the days of good and bad just pass you by
And cherish every moment you're together
Cause you will never know
When your days are gone

(from a song by dana glover)

This past week my mom had a health scare (all is okay now) and my hubby was sick...just so thankful for my family and husband...and their health.  This song made me think this week about all there is to be thankful for and sometimes we take so much for granted when we get caught up in all we need to accomplish in a day.

I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband.

my, love, love him

so, my craft booth is doing well!  Lots of Halloween goodies have been selling!

this morning I delivered some more harvest birds for my craft booth...

and some halloween hanging plaques...

This beautiful seam binding ribbon is now available in my etsy shop.

also available are these bird tags...

last weekend I dyed these tags with coffee, almond, and cloves...they smell amazing!!

I've dyed some more smaller tags with the same scent...I'll be adding them to my etsy store soon.


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  1. Loving these photos! with the light shinning ont he trim tag with the music sheets in the background. Thanks so much for checkin in pn my blog to see what I'm diong with operation Christmas child :)

    ~Angela Harris


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