Friday, September 18, 2009

fabulous flea market finds

Today I went to the Paris Flea Market put on by the cutest shop called Cottage Green in downtown Los Altos, CA.  This little shop has so many treasures's always been one of my favorites.  There are beautiful bird baths and garden statuary out front and around the side yard; inside there are gorgeous glasses and pillows and vintage serving pieces...lots of fabulous artwork and figurines...just all with a fun vintage feel!

So, today they held their annual Paris Flea Market out back.  Scattered on tables under large tents were candlesticks, bowls, books...just a ton of good stuff.  They also had a food drive for a local non profit group based in Palo Alto.

I dropped off my donations and headed in for treasures...I found some great vintage wooden picture frames and vintage botanical prints.

I couldn't believe this great find...I have been looking for a little table just like this one to use as a make up table. Can you believe it was only $25!!

Inside I picked up this great yellow chicken for my kitchen...

and this picture easel with a sweet little bird.

Chickens and roosters and little birds are big in my house.

It was a fun morning in the beautiful California sunshine, but I pretended I was really in Paris for just a bit...

I am so excited about my little table! 

Attached to our bedroom is what I call our "dressing room"...I don't know what else to call has our closets and a big antique armoire.  It needs painting and new baseboards and closet doors, and a lot of fixing up, and my plan was to get a little make up table for that room (in an attempt to keep our tiny master bathroom a little neater), and that would be my final inspiration to get to work on this room.  So this table just fit perfectly into my plan...the only problem is:

this is my husband's latest project...

...and the seats for this wonderful truck (which he says he bought for me) are sitting in the middle of my would-be romantic, relaxing dressing room right now.  Ahhh, husbands!
But now that I have my fabulous new make up table, I will be inspired to be sure he moves those seats to the temporary storage room created after my son moved out this that I can carry out the rest of my plans!   I'll be sure to share pictures when it's done!


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