Tuesday, February 1, 2011

little dog girls

Meet the little girls who keep me company every day and bring so much joy to my life.


Such a sweet, loving, loyal, sensitive doggie girl. Her ears never came up like a typical chihuahua, except for a 12 hour period after she got into some hot tamale candy once.

Sweet things to know about her:
1. She gives hugs.
2. She once fell asleep in a shoebox.
3. She runs as fast as the wind.
4. Nickname: baby girl

Such a mama's girl and a funny, nervous little dog. She has a small circle of trust and really would prefer that no one ever came to visit. She loves to play and gets into mischief on a regular basis.

Sweet things to know about her:
1. She loves to help with the laundry.
2. She wears a lovely pair of white gloves on her front paws.
3. She snores.
4. She loves baths.

{pictured here with her cousin, sierra}
Just the cutest little dog ever. We rescued her from a shelter after someone found her wandering...just a little hobo dog. She weighed only two pounds and had dirty fur and nails, which is quite embarrassing to her now. We don't know much about her past because she won't talk about it, so we just focus on giving her all she needs now. Recently I've had to take away her toys because she is partial to eating their ears and toes.

Sweet things to know about her:
1. She loves corn tortillas and really anything sweet.
2. She never eats before noon.
3. She takes a long nap every morning after she gets up.
4. She sneaks up and gives really quick kisses.
5. Current weight: 4 pounds.

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