Monday, January 24, 2011

spoiled & loved

Every night I light a candle in our bedroom to serve as a "night light". I love to wake up in the night and see light flickering around the room.  This morning I was up early to start on some chores and I forgot to blow out the candle when I got up.  A little bit later I went back into my room to get dressed for the day and my "original" dog {I call her that because she was the first}, shelby, had climbed back into bed after a quick trip outside. There she was, relaxing in my spot, next to the candle...just cooling out, enjoying the aromatherapy, and cleaning her little paws
{which,by the way, weren't any too dirty as
I had just given her a sudsy bath

Little miss tiffany was in there too.      

   She spent some time sunbathing this afternoon.

So cute. And spoiled and loved. Just the way it should be!

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  1. Oh, they are just adorable! I'ma little obsessed with small dogs now! I just got a Malshi little girl and if It weren't for my husband, I'd already have another! They are just the best!!
    Do you ever dress them up? I just started making puppy dresses. I'm just trying to practice photographing them on her now. Which is really quite hard :)


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