Monday, October 25, 2010

ground gloves

I baked a couple of pumpkin bread loaves
today for my sweetie.
It is a beautiful fall day
here...sunny but cool;
a perfect day for baking.

As I worked along, I started
to think about the holiday season
ahead and imagine how it will
be this year in our new {old} home.

I remembered sweet times of baking
in past
husband and son always so appreciative
of every little thing I made.

One of the sweetest memories that I hold so
dear was a time when my son
was about 5.  He came up
to me in the kitchen where I was baking
up a holiday treat. The counters
were full of spilled flour and spice jars,
and he looked up and said,
"Mama, what are those ground GLOVES??"

"Oh, sweetheart, those are ground Cloves!",
I said. "It's a spice that's all
ground up and it makes
things taste good".
We had a good laugh over that.

And from then on,
I've always referred to
Ground Cloves
Ground Gloves.


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