Monday, April 26, 2010

feathering the nest

to me springtime brings the need to
feather the nest...

cleaning and sorting...
...organizing and polishing

for inspiration I keep some file boxes filled
with ideas I have gathered from magazines
(are you a magazin-a-holic like me?!)

the boxes are divided into categories:
home, garden, and health & beauty

I've been focused on the "home" inspiration
lately and I've been busy painting and scraping wallpaper.
I just know my arms are stronger and more defined
by now!

here are some beautiful photos from my "home" box
that have had me dreaming and scheming lately...

i love that big romantic mirror above the bed.

isn't this cozy?  I adore these colors.
I'm painting the living room this summer!

love the fresh, crispness of this dining room
and the collection on the mantel.
(photo from Country Living, 2008)

another dreamy bedroom.
love the white linens and cherub paintings above the bed.
(photo from Country Home, 2000)

love this open style vanity.
I currently have one sitting in my dining room waiting
to make its way to the hall bathroom...
(my latest project...where the wallpaper scraping
is going on!)

Do you have any plans to feather
your nest this spring??

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  1. Stumbled across your is lovely. Good job with everything.


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